TETRA Consoles

Large organizations with call or dispatch centers will desire a dedicated workstation for radio operators. These consoles are often custom built for a customer, as each organization will have different communications flows. In Europe, TETRA is widely deployed in public safety markets, thus a number of console manufacturers exist.


Software Consoles

Damm has dispatch software available as a part of the TETRAFlex® infrastructure system. Running under Windows XP, Vista, or 7, the TETRAFlex Dispatcher turns a modest computer with a speaker and microphone set, and converts it into a dispatching tool, complete with call participation and mapping functionality. Dispatchers have the powerful ability to create Dynamic Groups, and insert radios into them in real time. The Dispatcher tool also supports a call history, and the ability to play back historical conversations. Other solutions are available that will work on Damm's infrastructure, such as products from Portalify.


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Custom Consoles

Zetron, among others, can tie into Damm's infrastructure, and design a dedicated workstation for your environment. Please contact us, and we will develop a solution for your communications needs.