System Design and Installation

A succssful radio system, regardless if it is TETRA or something else, requires a lot of work to design and implement, and Nielson Networks has 40 years worth of project design, management, and installation experience. Nielson Networks can help any organization save costs by carefully studying the project, and preparing a detailed report of the system before any parts are ordered and committed.


Project Definition

Nielson Networks will work with your organization to help determine what your radio project should deliver. What are the user expectations? What is your budget? What are the pain-points of your current system that you would like to eliminate? What modernizations would you like installed? After these questions are answered, the project scope may be assembled, and vital details, such as hardware sites (towers) may be located.


Propogation Study

A propogation study is a scientific mathematical analysis of a radio system, examining where the radio signals will travel from proposed tower sites, allowing us to make a calculated model of system behavior. Without cutting any wires, and without installing any radios and antenna systems (along with all the associated costs!), we can evaluate the proposed network, and see where remaining challenges exist. Does the proposed system live up to the project definition? What areas require improvement? Do we have overlapping coverage where it is required, in the event of a tower failure? A working model of the system builds confidence on how well the system should operate.



With a successful propogation study, a solid project definition, we should be ready to order hardware, test it from the factory, and install it at your site. Nielson Networks will test your hardware from the factory (Factory Acceptance Test), before installing at your tower sites, to make sure all of the pieces work properly, and any challenges are identified and repaired.


Installation and System Acceptance

Upon successful testing, we will deliever your radio system for installation at the identified tower sites, with confidence that the system will operate with little adjustment at the site. The antennas and feedline will be installed, and once operational, tools are available to verify propogation with the mathematical models generated earlier. Any variances will be discussed and repaired according to specifications. Your user community will then be invited to check out the new system, and verify operations.



All new radio systems require user training, and Nielson Networks will be happy to personally train your user community, along with "train the trainer" sessions, to show your organization how to operate the radio hardware, and use the system to the design limits.