TETRA Products offered by Nielson Networks



Nielson Networks began working with TETRA in late 2010, with our first training classes in Germany. Since then, we have established dealerships with several TETRA manufacturers, whom we have excellent relationships with. We are pleased to offer the following TETRA products to your organization:


Sepura Base Stations

In the United States, the Denmark based Damm Base Stations are being offered by Sepura, an English company with offices in Houston, Texas. There are two major models available: an indoor base station located at the bottom of the tower, and an outdoor base station, which is designed to be mounted on the pole, within a few feet of the antennas.


Sepura Radio Terminals

Sepura is a leading terminal manufactuer, and we are pleased to offer their line of radios and accessories.


Piciorgros Data Terminals

The Piciorgros TMO-100 series is a very capable, very expandable, TETRA Radio designed to be connected to SCADA equipment, and/or other digital devices, for efficient digitial communications at the machine level. Because they are TETRA radios, they may be remote controlled for great flexibility.


Piciorgros Site Survey Tool

The TTS-2000 is a simple to use, powerful, radio that uses GPS to evaluate how well your network is working. Great for verifying propogation studies, or troubleshooting radio tower sites.


TETRA Consoles

Communication consoles are available from either Damm, or third party vendors such as Zetron. TETRA consoles are computers that enhance your radio system with graphical information, such as GPS tracking, or talkgroup management, for easy operator control.


System Design

Nielson Networks has designed and installed many radio systems over the last 40 years, and we would love to take a look at your project.