TETRA Solutions


Because TETRA can carry both voice and data within a single carrier, there are a variety of customers who would be well served by the functionality. TETRA is not well suited for a small orgainzation -- there are better options out there -- but TETRA works well with people who require the powerful featureset, with the reliability of a mission-critical solution. Here we list some customer types that we feel TETRA would service well.




The utility sector features a diverse range of applications, from the refinery that requires IS radios, to the power transmission line company that has miles and miles of wiring that requires staffing. TETRA offers many solutions, from a variety of radio terminals designed for explosive environments to small base stations that may be mounted on your power poles. Some equipment may even be solar powered with battery backup.




The transportation sector is also an excellent opportinity to be served by TETRA. In Europe, TETRA may be found on trains, at airports, and at bus terminals. TETRA's data features allow for train timetables to be updated in real time based on data received. TETRA's dynamic group feature allows air crews to service an airplane, and keep employees in contact with each other.




The industrial sector may be served by TETRA in a variety of ways, such as data transfer from machinery, fire and evacuation alarms tied into a radio system, and keeping groups of workers in concact outside in the yard. If your company has several plants, TETRA's IP networking may keep your properties all in communication with each other, if desired. If your property has trains, lift trucks, and other vehicles, the GPS features of TETRA may come in handy providing location information for these systems.




Mines are dangerous places with unique communications challenges. Radio waves don't travel well through ground, so portable devices that can transmit down the tunnel are valuable communications assets.


Commercial & Governmental


TETRA serves the these commercial and governmental agencies in a variety of ways. Governments may utilize TETRA at the shipyards and marinas, keeping everyone in contact with each other. TETRA may be used within a stadium environment, or a civil sports exhibition, such as the Olympics -- London and Bejing recently enjoyed TETRA. And if you have to link into another network, such as P25, devices are available to link the two networks together for inter-system conversations.