Industrial Solutions

TETRA and industry get along well with each other. With IS radios, superior noise rejection, rugged hardware, and voice/data capabilities, a TETRA system will work well at an industrial complex. Whether you are a refinery, a warehouse, a factory, or a farm, people still need to communicate with each other, and our TETRA solutions will meet communications challenges.


Safety Concerns

Normal communications are important enough, but what about emergencies, when people need to be messaged quickly, and then act? Whether a weather situation, such as a tornado warning, or an evacuation notice due to a gas line rupture, the message needs to get out fast. With TETRA, the message may be sent via voice and data message to radios that mobile people have... imagine hearing the alert, and feeling your radio buzz with the text message. At the same time, visual alarms and audable buzzers sound the alarm for people in the building. Message sent, and now your employees may act. But outside of alarms, TETRA offers man-down features to help with employees who may be in trouble, and GPS integration may be used to to help locate the victim.


Noise Cancellation

TETRA terminals use an advanced noise rejecting codec to keep the garble out, and get your communications through. We have run tests next to air compressors, diesel engines, in echoing auditoriums, and noisy stadiums, and we have yet to miss a word due to noise. But sometimes, seeing is believing, so take a peek at the following video:

TETRA Video on Noise Cancellation (note movie may take a few moments to load)


Campus / Complex Communications

With the advanced features of TETRA, your portable workforce may remain in contact with desk workers via a telephone interconnect. TETRA radios support full-duplex calls, and connections to a business's PBX (or outside lines) is widely supported. Consider the cellular phones, and their costs, that may be eliminated with this option.