TETRA offers the transportation market a variety of solutions to enjoy. Besides the clear voice audio, TETRA supports AVL -- Automatic Vechicle Location, a GPS system that updates visual aids with location information. With AVL, managers may view the locations of employees on a map, and make logistical decisions.


Commercial Travel

Taxi cabs, armored cars, buses, and trains may easily benifit from a TETRA system. Using AVL, dispatchers and managers may visually locate vehicles in the field, and make logical decisions to help route traffic, or provide time estimates. TETRA allows for greater automation, however, such as a device to open a gate, or signal the arrival of a vehicle to a designated spot. Using TETRA's data featuers, a train could be setup with a TETRA radio that reports speed and location, allowing for schedules downtrack to be updated with current arrival information. Armored car companies, who often carry attractive amounts of money that needs protection, could have signal information sent to banks and other secure locations, with near realtime communications of the vehicle's security status. SDS messages may be used to send quick text information or status reports.



TETRA is widely used at European airports, because of the system's flexibility and security. Different talkgroups may be assigned for different airlines, yet these talkgroups may also be managed by a central authority to send an "all call" message that everyone would need to hear, such as a weather alert, or an SDS message of a hazard at the airport. AVL may be used to track luggage cars, emergency equipment, and VIP vehicles.



Shipyards, docks, and other marine intrests may enjoy TETRA's functionality. AVL and SDS messages keep people informed of location information, and important notices, like weather alerts, hazardous material situations, and arrival/departure information. Different companies on the property may have their own talkgroups, but also be a part of an "all call" if desired. Telephony hookup, and other features keep workers in communication to get the job done.



TETRA may support a variety of construction industries. Road crews may use AVL and talkgroups while working on the road, and telephone connectivity could help contractors communicate with home offices, or with inspection crews. AVL and SDS messages may be used to keep workers informed of personell location information, and send a quick note to take action if weather or other text information needs to be exchanged.