Utilties demand mission-critical communications. Whether you are working with chemicals, dealing with high-voltages, or ensuring that the water flows smoothly down the drain, TETRA is the radio system you need to keep your workforce in contact with each other, especially when public networks are on their knees during an emergency. The cellphone is the last place to turn to when the chips are down -- we have all read what happens when disasters like Katrina and Sandy strike.


Oil, Gas, and Refineries

Refineries are dangerous places -- checmicals are on the property that may easily explode. Special radio gear, Intrinsically Safe (IS), is required to prevent an electronic spark that could harm or kill people. There are lots of places to collect data, such as flow rates, gas pressures, and security gates. TETRA has hardware soluotions for your environment, with a line of IS radios that will work in your environment. TETRA provides a low-speed data network that will work well with your SCADA and PLC devices. Using TETRA, your people will remain in contact with each other, either via radio, or options connecting into a telephone system.


Electrical Generation & Distribution

Whether generating electricity, or part of the distribution network, everyone looks to you during your worst nightmare: the dreaded blackout. Your company needs a solution independant of the public networks, as they may not have electricity to operate. Depending on the problem, TETRA features such as dynamic grouping and GPS reporting may help your response crew be able to communicate efficiently, and resolve the problem.